Flow Yoga

At Flow-Yoga we work with the flow of nature, of the earth, of the body and the Spirit. For me this Flow is life itself; the force that moves everything in the direction that presents itself at that moment.

Go with the Flow, which teaches you to deal with everything that presents itself in this continuously changing world.
At Flow Yoga the lessons are about being yourself and feeling what your body and mind are telling you.
This is often difficult enough.
I like to keep it simple. It is not about the special yoga clothing or extremely flexible bodies. It is about you!
Because of this I prefer to use Dutch language instead of the Sanskrit designations. At Flow Yoga I’d rather let you experience that yoga is not only about poses, breathing and meditation, but also about how you live your life and how you interact with the world and the people around you.
The only thing you need for this is an open, flexible mind and the rest will follow naturally. At Flow Yoga you can completely be yourself.
At Flow Yoga you discover something new about yourself each time, you will gain new insights and you are allowed to relax. Each lesson a new encounter with yourself.

– Personal attention.
My lessons distinguish themselves because there is interaction with the students.
I offer room for personal preferences, as each lessons starts with questions about the health and wishes of the students. I try to respond to each wish and provide the exact exercises to address these wishes. (We will look at poses and exercises that could improve your problems, which you could potentially do at home as well)

– The meticulous structure, because of which the classes can be followed by everyone.
All important muscles and joints will be warmed up thoroughly before we start with the harder poses.
The lessons always comprise of awareness exercises, grounding exercises, classic yoga postures, and a longer relaxation exercise.
We make use of different forms of Yoga.
The Hatha-Yin lessons are differently structured, than the traditional Hatha Yoga.

– Detailed explanations about performing the yoga positions.
First I will demonstrate the pose, potentially we practice it together, after which you perform the pose yourself, whilst I talk through the pose.

– As a teacher I never continuously participate in the poses, as I’d rather guide the students through observation, speaking and correcting.

– We exercise in small groups, to insure the quality of the lessons
For this way of teaching it is not important whether you are flexible, of which gender you are, what religious background you have, what age you are. The power of Yoga lies mainly in the ability to adapt the poses and movements for the individual. You are taught to respect the boundaries. We move on the Flow that at that moment fits with you, the group and the lesson. Because of this you will leave the class more in balance than how you came in.

– A nice cup of tea after class, so you will return to your daily life more relaxed.

I am Vincent van der Vijgh.
A few years ago Yoga crossed my path. For me it has become a way of life. My day begins with yoga and meditation. Only then I am ready for the day to begin, as it gives me power, flexibility, openness and above all connectivity with all that lives. Through an open attitude I study everything in the field of yoga myself in order to extract my own truths from this. This is something I also tell my students, everything that I offer is a hypothesis, please examine it yourself as well and thus find your own truth. This is one of the wisest lessons that a teacher once told me. The feeling that you develop in and with your body is unique.
In addition to my own school, I teach at the Samsara Teacher Education Program. I provide several training programs for Samsara as well.

Training and courses
– Certified Yoga teacher: four year yoga teachers education program Samsara in Bilthoven.
This school is recognized by the Dutch Yoga Teachers Association
– Certified Yin Yoga teacher: Yin Yoga Teacher Training Module I and II, by Emrik Suichies
– Basic training Shiatsu
– Basic training Yoga and Dance, by Magda Samson
– Meditate, practice and teaching, by Loes van der Mee and Eva Boomsluiter
– Additional training Yoga for the Elderly


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