Course timetable & rates

I teach the following classes with pleasure:

Monday:19.30-21.30Movin’ Spirit contact for info
21.00-22.15Hatha Yin Yoga
Tuesday:19.15-20.30 Yin Yoga
21.00-22.15Hatha Yin/Yang
Wednesday:19.15-20.30 Yin Yoga
21.00-22.15 Yin Yoga
Thursday:10.45-12.00 Yin Yoga
18.45-20.00-20.30Hatha Yoga
Friday/Saturday19.30-21.3010:00-12:00Hatha YintenS **Hatha YintenS **

* Last Friday of the month
** Second/Third friday/Saturday of the month
Once the occupation of the courses permits it, I will add more lessons to the timetable.


Trial lesson:free
Yoga once a week:44 euro per month
Yoga twice a week:65 euro per month
YintenS:15 euro
Private yoga lesson:60 minutes: 60 euro
30 minutes: 35 euro

Workshop/class for groups/businesses/parties: rates upon request.

Practical info

Please read the points of interest below and come to class well prepared.

Please always let me know before class if you suffer from an injury, or physical or mental/emotional/psychological problems.

Respect your monthly cycle and take it easy during your menstruation. Avoid inverted poses. If you let me know beforehand, I can provide you with altered positions.

Please inform me immediately if you are pregnant. It is better not to practice intensive yoga exercises during the first three months and then move onward to the pregnancy yoga classes. If you wish to continue practicing yoga during your pregnancy, I can inform you about lighter and safer positions.

If you doubt whether you are able to participate to the yoga classes, please consult your general practitioner or specialist first.

Participation to the classes and activities of Flow-Yoga is at your own risk. You are at all times responsible for yourself.

Listen to yourself
Yoga is NOT a competition, you do not have to impress your teacher or fellow students. Yoga is something that you do purely for yourself. Always listen to your body. Have respect for your body and your boundaries. Move calmly and with full attention, never haste or strain.

Wear comfortable clothing in which it is easy to move.
Take a cardigan/sweater and socks with you for the final relaxation exercise as well as for the Yin classes.
Yoga is exercised on bare feet or socks. Please do not wear jewellery or watches during the classes.

To bring
Bring a towel. There are yoga mats and other materials for common use, but you can bring your own mat and/or pillow of course.

It is best not to eat anything up to two hours before class. If you are very hungry, eat something small, such as yoghurt or fruit. A stomach that is (too) full can bother you during class.

The entrance to the studio will open ten minutes in advance of the class.
Please make sure that you are present five to ten minutes before the start of the class. It disturbs your fellow students if you enter late. If you are unexpectedly late anyway, please enter as silent as possible.

Silence and calmness around you results in calmness inside you and in the classes. The classroom is thus a ‘mobile phone free zone’, so make sure that your mobile phone is turned off when you are in class. If you want to call, please do this outside the hearing range of the others. If you feel the need to talk in class, please to so in low tones.

With me, it is possible to start at any moment in the month.
The first trial lesson is free. If you like it, you can register with Flow-Yoga.
You can download the registration form and the terms and conditions HERE, or you can receive it from me at the end of your trial lesson. You are expected to hand it in filled out at the first official class.

The tuition money is paid a month in advance.
The following payment methods are available:
– Cash payment to me
– Transfer it with your bank account
In both cases payment is expected to take place in the first week of the month.

Please let me know when you wish to terminate your membership one month in advance.
You can terminate your participation with me personally (preferable), or otherwise by e-mail.

Trial lessons

Do you want to start with yoga? Great, you are doing yourself a big favor!
To experience whether Flow-Yoga is the right school for you, you can come participate in a trail lesson.
To register you can call me or fill in the contact form.

You can start attending yoga courses at any moment with me. Novice students are welcome in all classes. Flow-Yoga provides the opportunity for everyone to participate in the classes at one’s own pace and to develop themselves.


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